Maria Theresa L. Gutierrez, English

 Hi, everyone!

My name is Maria Theresa L.Gutierrez. You can call me "Maria" for short. I'm 29 years of age, Fillipino, married and blessed with a beautiful daughter. I was born in Bacolod city, Philippines.

I graduated with a Bachelor's degreein Commerce major in Managment Accounting. I worked with different companies after graduation. I was lucky to work with people of different culture. I was able to use my conversational and interpersonal skills. I love to have conversation with other people. I am an easygoing person and friendly so I was able to interact with different kinds of personalities. I always try to make people feel comfortable with me. In addition, I am responsible, hardworking, petient and very dedicated person especially when it comes to my job.

I went to China last 2006 to look  for a greener pasture. I was expecting to find a job related to my course but to my suprise, it's very difficult to find one in China. Then I discovered another career which is teaching. I was discovered that I also have passion in teaching  and I realized that it is a very challenging yet rewarding job.

I worked in Shanghai Tianjiabing High School in China for three years (2006-2009). I was in charge of teaching English to middle school and high school Korean students studying in China. I also had part time teaching jobs during three years with Chinese and Korean adults. I also joined some winter camp classes in kindergartens.

Currently, I'm back here in China after two years of the stay in the Philippines. I am now teaching English to kindergartens primary school students. I have spare time during the evenings and I want it to be productive.

I am lucky to be given a chance to become a part of the Online Language Studio. I love to have classes online and meet new people around the globe. I feel satisfied whenever I spend time teaching someone who really wants to learn English. It makes me happy knowing that I've become part of their learning success...

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