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I was born in Tyumen, RF. Having graduatedwith distinction from the Tyumen State University, I started my career as a manager and translator in a British school. After two years there, I received an interesting job offer from an oil and gas service company, operating in Tyumen,which I gladly accepted and was occupied there for the last 6 years as an interpreter, external training coordinator and a university relations’ specialist. Thanks to this job, I managed to learn oil and gas basics, obtained useful experience of working in an international company.

I was always keen on the local culture and history, so when I was on my fifth year at the university, I received the second education as a tour guide. It enabled me to lead excursions around Tyumen, Tobolsk - the first Siberian cities, as well as Pokrovskoye – a native village of the world famous figure,GrigoryEfimovich Rasputin.

I am happily married and about a year agomy husband was transferred to work in Astana, Kazakhstan, where we live already half a year. It is amazing to be plunged into a completely different culture and learn many new experiences, so we really enjoy being in Astana so far!
Apart from the local lore and English language, I am also very fond of the horse ridingand painting.So, whenever I have a free minute I visit the stables or create a new scenery with paint brush.

I joined OLS just a few months ago and friendly atmosphere, sound management and interaction with able students appeal to me a lot!

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