Damien, French and English

Hello, I’m Damien.

I’m a 25 year old French and English teacher from France currently living in southern China. I have been teaching foreign languages for about four years as a tutor and two years as a teacher. I have taught in different organizations including high schools, primary schools, training centers and summer camps. I moved to Southern China in summer 2008 after having been offered a teaching position in Zhanjiang and started teaching at OLS in December 2009. Most of my online students come from North America, Europe and Asia.

I’m a rather laid back and easy going person. Lessons with me commonly consist of a balanced combination of conversational practice, grammar exercises and written assignments usually given as homework. My teaching style is quite flexible however and will adapt to my students' needs. I can teach entire courses based on a text book or method of choice and even design an entirely personalized course. I can help my students prepare for an important exam, assess their skills and help them find which areas they need to work on.

In 3 years of online teaching, I have learned about the benefits of using technology to supplement or even replace the traditional classroom model - as is the case with online classes - and have found how to work around the technology’s early limitations and shortcomings. I believe online classes to be more suitable for teaching foreign languages than traditional classes when done the right way.

I will be teaching pre-intermediate to advanced English and French classes at OLS throughout the semester.

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